Giving Back

Our founder, Julianna’s greatest passion is the protection of wildlife and wild-spaces. Promosarus' ultimate goal is to help efforts to protect wildlife through assisting organizations and businesses which work on wildlife and ecosystem conservation, and which provide green services and products. Furthermore, through supporting local and eco-conscious businesses and organizations, we can have a stronger local economy with a richer natural environment.

Below you will see some of the ways that we are trying to make a contribution directly to conservation efforts, and how you can too!

Tuesday Dance Parties

Every Tuesday at 2:00PM I play a classic, a pop song and a lesser known gem!

Dancing is a great workout and an awesome way to express your creativity. The Tuesday Dance Parties are a fantastic way to make sure you take a break while working from home, and they help us to feel connected with other female entrepreneurs who have many shared experiences. For the past year of hosting the parties, I've formed valuable friendships with the other dancers. Plus, dancing is so much FUN!

Promosaurus has been doing this since April, 2021.

Want to join our Tuesday Dance parties? Click here.


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Rhyze Ventures

Julianna has been a mentor through the Rhyze program.

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Promosaurus has been volunteering for Guelph Greens to create social media content

To learn more about Guelph Greens, please visit here.



I was so honored to be asked by the Career Education Council a month or so ago to share my story and my thoughts on Greenwashing to their  Connect-ED Training & Employment Incentive Program participants! 

At the end of the lesson, I left the students with an assignment to create a post about a cause that they felt passionate about - whether it be an environmental or social issue. 

Two weeks later they had me back to review each student's progress on the assignment so far! I was so blown away by the passion and enthusiasm of the group in communicating about these issues, and really loved what they came up with! I thought I'd share (at least part of) their final submissions. 

Thanks again to the team at CEC for inviting me to be a part of the journey for the youth in your program, and to the program participants for creating such inspiring content! 

Julianna has been providing workshops about her journey and ethical marekting to the classes.

To learn about CEC, please visit here.



Promosaurus has been working with Patty Cuthbert at Orangutan Calling since January 2021 to create a new logo (shown left), and develop strategies for the organization's communications and fundraising, both short and long-term.

Julianna even created a crochet Orangutan toy for a gift basket auction!!

Orangutan Calling supports International Animal Rescue's Orangutan Project.

To learn more or to donate, please visit the Facebook page.


Promosaurus has a partnership with the OTCC. We will be helping with  producing communication materials and proving feedback on their marketing.  

The goal of the partnership is to aid in their efforts to promote turtle conservation and to provide the public with tools to aid turtles on roads.

To learn more or to donate, please visit

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~ Thanks to everyone that supported us on the walk, we raised $355 for Guelph Hope House! ~

It's cold out there and getting colder! And, while I can go for a walk and come back to my warm and cozy home, there are others in the community that don't have that privilege. 😨

On February 22, the coldest day of the year🌨❄☃️, I'm going to do something about it!! Together with thousands of Canadians across the country, I am fundraising and will be walking with the Guelph Solar crew to support hungry, homeless, and hurting people and families in my community.❄

Please, give generously by visiting this link and hitting 'donate now' on the right:



The wildfires in Australia are one of the most ecologically devastating events of the last few years (if not decades). About a billion animals have been killed, not including fish, frogs, bats and insects. Many species are at risk of becoming extinct, especially cockatoos, koalas, and many others.

This can feel incredibly sad, even heart-breaking, and we may feel helpless here in Canada or elsewhere, so far away from the crisis. However, doing something is empowering. When we take action, we feel better knowing that we did what we can, and made a contribution to the solution.

Please consider donating to one of these organizations:

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