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Giving Back

Below you will see some of the ways that we are trying to make a contribution directly to environmental efforts, and supporting a resilient community. Check out the incredible organizations and projects to see how you can contribute too!

Class-of-2021Rhyze Ventures.png


Julianna has been a mentor to women starting and growing Social Enterprises through the Rhyze Ventures program. 

She is also mentoring participants of the Career Education Council's Connect-ED Training & Employment Incentive Program since the start of 2022 and providing training to the classes on Authentic and Ethical Marketing.

Reducing our plastic consumption has never been so important.

Luckily, there are many stores now where we can refill our containers, making it possible stop using new plastic!

In collaboration with Tortuga Creative Studio, we have compiled a list of places in Guelph, Niagara, and London where you can refill containers.

Check back for more locations, and if you would like to see your store added, please contact

See the Directory!

Bulk Shopping Directory


Orangutan Calling

Promosaurus worked with Patty Cuthbert at Orangutan Calling in 2021 to create an organizational name, logo (shown here), and develop strategies for the organization's communications and fundraising, both short and long-term.

Orangutan Calling supports International Animal Rescue's Orangutan Project.

To learn more or to donate, please visit Orangutan Calling's Facebook page.

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Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre

Wherever and whenever we can, Promosaurus supports OTCC. by helping with communications and bringing awareness to the wonderful work they do!  

The goal is to aid in their efforts to promote turtle conservation and to provide the public with tools to aid turtles on roads.

To learn more and support their important work, please visit

Guelph Greens .png

Guelph Greens

Leading up to and during the 2022 provincial election, Promosaurus supported the campaign to re-elect Mike Schreiner by creating a marketing strategy that guided the campaign's marketing efforts.


We also created social media posts that the campaign team used in combination with their own content, helped to make processes more efficient, created a guide for volunteers to post about their activities, and made signs for sign-waving.

We are thrilled that these efforts contributed to Mike's successful re-election!


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