Amplifying the voices and messages of those

working on a more sustainable future.


Promosaurus was created by Julianna Van Adrichem after more than 15 years of experience building sustainable growth in businesses and organizations that she worked for. Promosaurus has been a part of the Starter Co Plus and Rhyze Ventures Program.

By building a strong foundation, helping you reach new heights, and making your business larger than life, Promosaurus will keep you lasting through the ages!


With our solutions oriented approach, we can provide clarity, increase efficiency, and complete marketing projects for your business or organization so that you are freed to focus on your  passions. We have the cross-functional experience to ask the right questions and find the best solutions for your business.

Our rates are competitive and we do great work. If you would like to schedule a FREE discovery consultation, please book a time with us.


We support social enterprises and businesses/organizations with a triple-bottom line that help to protect or rehabilitate the environment directly, which operate in an environmentally conscious way,  and/or for which ethics are important and a cornerstone to their development. 

It is also a high priority for us to operate in an environmentally sensitive and socially progressive way. Lucky for us, much of that is easy: our main office is a home office in downtown Guelph, so we get to the majority of our meetings by biking, walking or hold them online. We also source eco-friendly office supplies wherever possible - recycled content, used, repurposed, or simple. 

This business model is based on our strong values that we've had throughout our lives, long before developing Promosaurus, so you can trust that we are genuine in these efforts and making improvements wherever possible. 

Our stakeholders are wildlife, ecosystems, our local communities, communities abroad that are impacted by our actions, and future generations. 

"Profit is no more the purpose of business than breathing is the purpose of living" (John Kay, paraphrased by Mark Carney in Value(s), Building a Better World For All). For Promosaurus, income is a means to continue our work in carrying out these values and living life to the fullest.

Promosaurus stands for the rights and respect of people of color, indigenous peoples, the LGBTQ+ community, nature and wildlife, women, and other oppressed groups (in no particular order). We want to work with organizations that also stand for these values, and support them in reaching their goals.

Our goal is to become a B-Corp when that becomes possible for us. 

We always welcome the feedback and ideas of enthusiastic clients and friends. 

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After 15 years of working in communications, marketing, administration, sales, and business development in the environmental sector, and completing a degree in zoology, Julianna decided to strike out on her own and offer services more businesses and organizations that she believes in.

She has extensive experience with businesses and organizations in the environmental  industry, having simultaneously filled roles such as communications, marketing, administration, sales, business development, management, and many things in between! Organizations she had the pleasure to work for provided services in solar, sustainable agriculture, waste reduction, and land conservation. Her degrees in development and biology further feed into her skills in seeing the larger picture, and organizing like a pro.


We are not yet hiring, but are always happy to connect and build a team of associates. 

We operate in a fair, responsive and honest way to build lasting relationships with those that share our values. 

Please feel free to connect with us