We understand the passions that brought you to create an environmentally focused social enterprise. We also understand your audience - what and where they are looking for what they need, what they care about, and what will resonate with them. 

The principles of our business also make us a great choice for marketing solutions:  


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We are dedicated to serving you, so that through you, we serve the environment. This has always been our goal, and we are there for you so that you can make a positive impact for a greener, more fair future.


18 years of communications and marketing experience in the environmental sector, plus at least 20 years of living in these values gives us the insight needed to make enterprises in the sector successful.

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Although we love to have fun and bring joy to our work, we are committed to being professional. 

We provide high quality services, maintain client confidentiality, and are committed to treating everyone with respect.

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Our many happy clients and repeat customers shows that we have brought them their desired results. Check out what they said on Google Reviews.


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Strategic planning being our specialty, we have solutions and processes that will get you to your goals as efficiently as possible..


What else would you expect of a business with dinosaurs in the branding!? We want to enjoy our work too and can promise that you'll have a great experience working with us!


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Oh, you mean Why 'Promosaurus'?


Once in a while, people ask why I chose to brand my business with dinosaurs, so I thought I'd share!

When I was creating my business, I thought, "if I'm starting a business, it better have fun branding, damnit!". I was inspired by participating several times in Gish, which got me really comfortable with putting myself out there, while doing crazy things.

I was also inspired by my zoology degree which finally fulfilled a childhood dream to study dinosaurs and which got them freshly on my mind! 

There are also several specific reasons that I thought it would be a good fit for my marketing business:


Many dinosaurs grew to really huge sizes, and I want to help your business or organization to do the same and "become larger than life"!

Dinosaurs actually DID NOT go extinct, as one group, the avian dinosaurs, better known as birds have survived and thrived! In fact, they’ve been extremely successful. Birds have literally taken over every continent on the globe with over 10,400 species. Compare that with only about 5,500 species of mammals on earth today! That presence and perseverance is what I want to help my clients to achieve with their businesses or organizations.

Dinosaurs are fun, they bring out people’s inner child and with that, creativity! – which I think is necessary for almost every part of marketing, from designing, to writing, to creating a pitch, and everything in between.


I want to help you and your business to reach new heights, become larger than life, and last through the ages!!


What do you think of our branding? …More importantly, what’s your favourite dinosaur?

                   - Julianna Van Adrichem, Chief Dinosaur Wrangler, Owner/Founder