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Marketing Strategies and Plans


Steg: Marketing Review


Here we will go through all major aspects of your marketing - both what you have been doing and recommendations for moving forward. In the end, you will have my notes from the meetings, and many ideas of how you can move forward to improve your marketing.

Good for businesses that have been working on their marketing and who are comfortable with planning themselves. 


Bronto: Marketing Strategy and Plan


At the Bronto level, we do everything mentioned at the Steg level, but takes it a big step further to have all the marketing activities analyzed by Promosaurus to provide a 3-month plan. Your marketing strategies will be presented in prioritized (and practical) order, showing the outcomes from each activity, and will

be  accompanied by a visual timeline that you can post to your wall to keep track of your progress. The outcome is that you have a very clear path to follow for your marketing over three months and have the tools you need to see if you are hitting you objectives. 

Great for businesses that have been working on their marketing want a detailed analysis and a step-by-step action plan.

Next Steps

Once you have a list of marketing activities together, we can support you in many ways: 

  • We can implement the strategies, completing many of the tasks for you - this is a highly efficient way to go as we will already be very familiar with your branding, product/services and priorities.

  • We can provide ongoing Marketing Check-Ins to see how you're doing with completing tasks and reaching goals - this ensures that you make the most of your investment into the strategy. 

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