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Marketing Environmental & Social Justice Campaigns

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

If you are part of an organization that is working to solve some of the issues in our world, you surely have campaigns to launch and run periodically to deal with things that come up or put some focused effort on addressing one aspect of the issues.

Campaigns are used to reach a certain goal within an organization (or sometimes business), that is like a subset of the organization’s goals. For instance, an organization's goal may be to protect endangered wildlife (ex. International Animal Rescue ), but the campaign may be specifically to address a sub-goal such as raising money for one species (ex. Cakes for Apes for Orangutans) or to deal with a specific issue that has come up (ex. To clean up an oil spill).

Marketing for campaigns is kinda like marketing for a new business…you need many of the same elements in place. Things you’ll need to think about are:

What is the goal - What are you trying to accomplish?

- What will be involved?

- Protest?

- Donation collection boxes?

- Petitions?

- Events?

What are all the dates and other technicalities? Are these organized and confirmed?

Will you have a different logo and color scheme or other branding for this campaign?

Do you have the needed landing pages set up, and all other online and printed tools created?

Once you have your goals and plans sorted out, you need to promote the heck out of your campaign by getting it into your (and as many other people's) social media, newsletter, your website, podcast, and any other channel you use to reach your audience. Also…

Think about partnerships, and ways to leverage relationships. Do you know an influencer and can get them to write an endorsement, or make a video talking about how this is important to them?

Make a schedule. How often do you need to get this in front of people? For instance, for a newsletter, if your campaign involves an event the schedule may be 3 months before, 2 months before, 1.5 months before, 1 month before, Etc…so you are increasing the frequency as you get closer to the date. Think about the schedule for each method of reaching out to people. Put it in your calendar and start prepping the materials.

Now that you know what to do to promote your campaign BEFORE your event, you are ready to plan what can be done DURING and AFTER the big day/week/ get the picture.

- During the event/main time of the campaign communicate everything that’s happening, and use your communication tools to their fullest potential.

- Get quotes from people, especially key players

- Get videos - longer ones, and a few short.

- Get lots of photos

- Tweet and post elsewhere frequently to update people on how things are going.

After the event/main campaign period, it is great to do a recap and use the materials to create content. If used effectively, you can have materials to use for weeks or months following the campaign.

Here are some tips for the post campaign marketing:

- Write a blog post or posts talking about different parts of the campaign, what the results were, the difference it made, etc.

- Edit longer videos into a bunch of short ones to use in social

- Post longer videos in youtube and your website

- Post the quotes on your social, website, newsletters, etc. (don’t forget to mention who said it).

*Need help running your campaign for good? Get in touch!*

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